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About Grenada

With a population of just over 107,000, Grenada is the Mainland of the Tri-Island State comprising Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.  Geographically, Grenada is one of the smaller Caribbean islands with a total area of just 133 Square Miles and is one of the countries comprising the four-member Windward Islands located in the Eastern Caribbean.  Dubbed the “Spice Isle” of the Caribbean and carrying the brand “Pure Grenada”, the island is known for its abundance of traditional spices and its beautiful white sand beaches and landscapes.

Useful Info:

St. George’s



Official Currency:
Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Time Zone:
EST+ 1; (GMT – 4:00)

International Calling Code:

Type of State:
Constitutional Monarchy

Type of Government:
Parliamentary Democracy

Ruling Political Party:
New National Party (NNP)

Head of Government/Prime Minister:
Dr. The Right Hon. Keith C. Mitchell

Head of State/Governor-General:
Dame Cecile La Grenade (Representative of Queen Elizabeth II)

Type of Legal System:
English Common Law

Codified – Grenada Constitution Order 1973

UN Membership Date:
17th September 1974

Judicial System:

Please feel free to visit www.gov.gd the Official Website of the Government of Grenada for additional information.



Units 14-16 Excel Plaza
Grand Anse
P.O. Box 3556
St. George
Grenada, W.I.


Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.