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Ricardo Sylvester
Mr. Ricardo Sylvester

Mr. Ricardo Sylvester


Ricardo has been practising as an Attorney-at-Law in Grenada since his admission to the local bar on 21st June 2022. Having previously served in the legal field as a Paralegal for over 12 years, his ascension to the local bar as an Attorney-at-Law was seamless and an occasion of pride for the entire firm.

Ricardo is a UK-trained Attorney-at-Law who holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB.) (Hons.) from the University of London and a Master’s Degree in Law Business and Management (MSc.) from The University of Law in the UK. His professional qualifications are complemented by his previously acquired experience and academic training as a Paralegal and a widely recognised expert in the field of Intellectual Property Law, having previously managed the firm’s Intellectual Property portfolio. Ricardo was the recipient of the award for the top graduating student in Paralegal Studies at the T. A. Marryshow Community College in the year 2015.

While he is most known for his prowess in Intellectual Property Law, Ricardo’s current areas of practice include Company Law; Commercial Law; Property Law; Law of Succession; Contract Law; Employment Law; Civil Litigation; Trial Advocacy; and Opinion Writing. Ricardo also represents corporate clients before various tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies and is passionate about finding creative and innovative ways to assist clients in finding solutions to their legal problems.

Ricardo has been employed with Mitchell & Co. since its inception in February 2017 and continues to diligently serve the firm’s clientele. Ricardo is passionate about the practise of law and is known by his colleagues in the firm to be a perfectionist. He says that his passion for the practise of law is comparable with his passion for West Indies Cricket which he claims would have been in a better position today if he had followed his childhood dream of being one of the regional side’s opening batsmen!