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On 21st February 2017, the Court of Appeal granted an interim application in suit number GDAHCVAP2017/0002  The Grenadian Hotel Limited (trading as Grenadian by Rex Resorts) v The Attorney General and Others by the Applicant Hotel for a Conservatory Order preventing the Government of Grenada from taking any steps to enforce any of its purported rights consequent on a purported compulsory acquisition of the Applicant’s leasehold interest in 30 acres of land which houses the Applicant’s hotel, until the Applicant Hotel’s appeal is heard and determined and a Conservatory Order directing that the Applicant Hotel is to remain in possession of the said property until the hearing and determination of the appeal. The written judgment can be accessed at https://www.eccourts.org/the-grenadian-hotel-limited-v-beryl-isaac-et-al/ .

The initial claim is one by the Hotel seeking judicial review of the Government’s decision to compulsorily acquire its leasehold interest in 30 acres of land situate at Point Salines, St. George and together with it, the business of its hotel whose trade name is ‘The Grenadian By Rex Resorts’. The Hotel’s claim is that the Government’s decision to acquire its hotel is both unlawful and irrational.

The Hotel is being represented by Attorneys-at-Law, John Carrington QC, Dickon Mitchell and Skeeta Chitan.